My country fears

The tales of our forefathers still linger, how life used to be sweet and in abundance in their days, how men took responsibility for their own actions, how women traversed in modesty and pride in being women, the youths with charming looks and promising minds always looked up to their elders. Our forefathers now mock and laugh at us, a bitter and sad laugh, that leaves their foreheads terraced with agony and despair stuck on their brows.

What went wrong? Where did we miss a step? They ask themselves but the answers are but deserted despite their wisdom, the one that comes with age and a blessing for living a purposeful life.
Growing up has been to me, a hustle and bustle, but mostly hustle. The current events in my own country offer no solace to the patched up life I have live, and definitely, the light at the end of the tunnel appears dim, about to run out.

Our so called leaders have betrayed us, have lie to us in broad day light, shame us and in the same breath have castigate us. It’s not true that our leaders are foreign. No, they live among us, we share the same oxygen, same roads, access the same media platforms and definitely know the misery of our country only that, they have decided to pay a deaf ear and swear by the evil spirit to do more harm. By the way, that is not enough; they mock God and claim we are on a steady a progress.

Walking along the streets of Kampala yesterday aroused a feeling of hate but one I successfully managed to combat and hide. Hate for whom? My own country and my people.
Ideally, we are Uganda, a young nation aspiring to be great. That means one thing; we need to go one step at a time. It’s a process, just like that common proverb; Rome was not built in one day.

But it is clear that the people we entrusted to lead us at all levels have no idea, and it is clear that they are only after their own selfish interests, take a look at the high crime rate within the city, theft, fraud, murders, kidnaps among many other atrocities, which if you have noticed is caused by our sinking economy and greedy leaders


Look at how street vendors are handled, they are not allowed to sell, and they are not given an alternative, their merchandise confiscated, and heavy fines levied, yet they have mouths to feed like the minister or government officer has. What is left for them (street vendors) now, if making a living in a legal manner has become a crime and yet you pay taxes and in your own country? Definitely joining ‘kifeesi’ will become ideal. It is clear they have no bags of money to start up a decent business, their capital falls below 100,000 shillings.
Our leaders have no empathy in their whole bodies, they act like aliens, they have reprimanded the people and they don’t consult the masses that chose them.

Look at the mobile money tax law, how it was passed without consultation and recently reading from the papers, the economy was hit since the number of people using mobile money was cut, and still the youth who were doing a little hustle were driven out of business. Who shall then address their grievances? Whom will they turn to?

Our leaders should know, if not be told that they are creating a man eat man situation, they should know that we the youth are the trustees with this country. But with how they are being treated, they may live their whole life trying to get even. Much as our leaders seem not bothered by the course of nature, but they are not escaping it, they shall age and the now deprived youth will be at the helm, perhaps then they will understand what the youth have been going through. But we don’t want that to happen.

Sitting in a taxi bound for Seeta Mukono, chance allowed me to sit next an old lady and a conversation ensued about the state of our country and she opined that if only our leaders are not afraid of us, and vice versa, we would be a happy country, she went to explain that the leaders are afraid because they are guilty, guilty of betraying the voters, who sent them into those position. Her words reverberated in my mind for the entire day and I was amazed by how much truth it held therein.
Being a young man in my early twenties, am entitled to a Whatsapp account and being jobless I still pay daily tax of 200 shillings to use it, and being an ardent follower of Professor PLO Lumumba, a friend had sent me his video from which he said and I quote “the problem with Africa is that those with ideas have no power, and those with power have no ideas.” Who would have said it better for my own country? But here is where my affection for my professor multiplied to an orgasm. He went on to say that the irony is that those with ideas are the ones who gave those without ideas the power, they elected them.

Hail thee 2021, the swagger is calling.

With piece, love and harmony.