Lovely New Zealand.

A sovereign island country in the southwestern pacific ocean, a developed country that ranks highly in international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, protection of civil liberties and economic freedom. A country filled with life and beauty and God. A nation surrounded by wonder and nature, nature so green and lovely and simply natural. The citizens filled with buoyancy and pride in their country, for God loved it and blessed it.

But for hate, something aghast though belittled and horrific happened, a thing so gruesome and inhumane. Where was God? Where was the love? Was God watching that man prepare himself to do whatever he did? He does have a name by the way, but just like the Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, I shall not mention his name, throughout this text, I shall refer to him as “man”. With every fibre of his being and conscience and belief, this man picked himself up, bought a gun and a camera, drove to the mosque in Christchurch town on a Friday, a day believed by Muslims to be filled with blessings and mercy from Allah. Got out of the car, entered the mosque and shot every human life that could not manage escaping his claws, fathers, husbands, children, babies, mothers and wives, he did all that while live streaming live in facebook.

No one really understands this man’s motive, why he invested in taking away people’s life and joy. Some sources have identified this man as an extremist and not a terrorist, but from his actions, it is clear he was a terrorist and no amount of sugar coating can erase that fact. And any attempt to belittle his actions renders the world not a safe for anyone including you and me.

I cannot imagine how much pain and grief families and loved ones of those slain felt, and whether any act of consolation will ever be enough for them, whether life be the same again or ever will but one thing is true, those who were killed will never come back but it is that we shall join them, we will die, including that man.

Social media is commonly known as a platform for idlers, believe these ‘idlers’ spread love too and if for anything, the worldhijabday page on instagram and facebook should be applauded for the #Headscarfforharmony campaign. This was a week after that horrific incident. The concern and love expressed by non-Muslims was immense and I would to share some of the their messages here;

“I drove to our local mosque today to stand outside and guard their space so that our local Islamic community could pray in safety. I drove away a mess. These beautiful, humble, dignified and diverse people didn’t need me to stand guard. Instead we were welcomed in, fed, clothed and received beautiful gifts of thanks. Those of us there for the first time were hesitant, but the women insisted we were welcome and led us inside. There, we knelt with so many strong and beautiful women and their children who spoke and grieved and laughed……… I left broken and in tears. I was overcome with a sense of my own ignorance and inadequacy. This hijab which was gifted to me will be treasured for the rest of my life. What a beautiful and rich community of women I have communed with today.” By Monique Prins, a non-Muslim lady from Christchurch town.

Rose Leisi, a non-Muslim lady wrote “As I adorned the hijab this morning to honor the victims of the Christchurch tragedy last Friday which resulted to New Zealand’s darkest day and for the headscarf for harmony movement. I could help but think of the women that would be putting on their hijabs to say farewell to their Dads, Brothers, Sons and loved ones. I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through but I pray they stay steadfast in their faith and they can find peace.”

Gracie McGillivray posted “Today I wore a headscarf, left the house stressed with hands shaking, it was a nerve-racking feeling. My heart was literally pounding in my chest. Earning looks of disgust but most importantly looks of trust. To stand by my sisters, in support and solidarity. So when they look around, they have a sense of familiarity. To show the world, that Muslim women have identity.”

The above are only a few of the posts of solidarity and love shared on social media platforms of how thousands of women joined their Muslim brethrens and believe me, the world has become a better place for the Muslim community.

The man miscalculated, he thought killing 50 Muslims on a Friday would stop deter or stop Muslims, now look how the Quran was recited in the parliament, the Muslim call of prayer (Adhan) was called across the world, the Friday sermon (khutbah) was aired on television, the hadith (teachings of the prophet) was read by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Hijab was worn by New Zealand women. Thanks to the terrorist, the Muslim brotherhood was strengthened.

Imam Gamal Fouda of the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, in his sermon on Friday, a week after the brutal incident said “Our loss of you is a gain to New Zealand’s unity” in reference to the slain Muslims. That was indeed proved by hundreds and thousands of mankind unified for one purpose, the hate has been undone and love redeemed all of us.

Thank you New Zealand, thank you the world, we have seen and felt your love. The same should be extend to every community in the world that faces such barbarism and hostility, we better off loved, hate in the shape of extremism and supremacy should never be tolerated anywhere amidst us. We are love and lets all spread love. Today, could be me and tomorrow, someone else. You and I shall be held responsible before our children and God.

Live thee well comrades.