My Chinese affair.

With naivety and innocence, I was charmed by a mysterious love affair. One I did not expect yet growing slowly. It was a Saturday afternoon during my primary six third term holiday; I was about 10 or maybe 11 years of age, doing rounds in my village trading centre with a bucket of pancakes on my head. 100, 100. I called. With much earnestness and timidity, I conducted my trade to the end.

At about 4:30 pm, the loudspeakers next door did stop to announce the themes and soundtracks of movies and that put me on tenterhooks, of course it was a video hall; however a particular one took my attention. The themes were unique with a certain natural and tamed sound, I listened with much alertness and really my favorite Video Jockey had translated the movie, he was VJ JINGO. He read the names, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and others who starred in the movie and announced the film had just started.

Since there was enough time on me before I go back home, I scampered for the door of the video hall with my empty bucket at hand. With much excitement I took the front portion of the dark room with the flashes of the screen as the only source of light. The movie scenes were exhilarating and breathtaking; I wore a wide smile from the beginning to the end.

The kung fu martial arts style, the unusual style of structures with curved edges of the roof, the mountains seemed from another planet, the boiled chicken head and chop sticks, the eccentric Chinese language, the Chinese graphics, not forgetting the magnificent and profound great wall. Everything seemed a fairytale and this left my mind tingling about China.

My affection for China and Chinese movies could not help but escalate; I became a regular at the video hall, commonly known as ‘kibanda’ but for only Chinese movies during the entire holiday. This was massively good for my pan cake business because I fed the people in the hall and got payment in return.

Later, this affair was too huge for me to base on only movies; I started to Google and read on the internet about china, its history, its past leaders like Mao Tse Tang whom I notably studied in school in my history subject as a prudent, shrewd and judicious leader who helped African countries attain independence in the 19th century, the Chinese cultures and traditions, their religions especially Buddhism, its unmatched language with over 3000 characters, Chinese medication and therapy like yoga and modern china. This brought me great pride and knowledge. This courtship was magical.

Back at school, my narrations about China was way out of this world; I became a little competitor to my favourite VJ Jingo but only I was at school and could not translate the movies. This won me many friends and I became popular in school. “China man” was my nickname and I loved it. I walked with my head high feeling every atom of air in the school yard.

However, of the Chinese greatness, one fortification struck me numb, the Great Wall of China. Constructed with stones, bricks, tamped earth, wood and other materials and covering a distance of over 20,000 km. Purposely built to protect the Chinese states and empires against raids and invasions from the nomadic groups, erected as early as 7th century BC.

This amazing structure rich with history and admiration has stood the test of time. Its sight is immense with pride for a country that is not mine but where my soul lingers and every part of my flesh wishes to embrace this Chinese jewel.

Kissed by the sun, caressed by the moon and embraced by the winds for ages, the Great Wall of China’s romance with natural forces was grounded to last with petrichor and iridescent. Its sight quenches my spirits with a lotion of velvet. Its fragrance deposits my mind a thousand years back to the times when man and nature were one and the same. This is no ordinary wall but the China wall, it must be sentient.

With modern china now beaming with sky light cities like Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai the capital city among others with marvelous and alluring sky scrapers perfectly aligned in the blue, the spectacular Shanghai tower, comely Oriental pearl tower, exquisite International commerce center idealizes my curiosity. The eye catching terraces and parks only afford to drop my jaws. The advanced technology that glares amidst china assumes God’s hand was laid in the roots of China. It is so ineffable.

The Chinese economic prowess cannot be undermined either; the angels of wealth must have fallen in love with this mighty land, having enough of most resources and factors of production. Its trees make the finest furniture and Hong Hai wood walks that talk as I make the beats. Its water harbors not only aquatic creatures but is a home for the largest aquatic research centre, this marvel weakens my knees. The statistics puts the Chinese second to none in labor production. This work force is regarded with wonder across the globe and produces over 70% of imported goods to Uganda. This epiphany is mellifluous and dulcet, unwinding my limerence and sends aquiver through my body.

For a nation that translates to transcendental traditional heritage, transparent beauty, uniqueness, wonders, blooming nature of landscapes and standing waters etc, a country with a humongous population filled with great artistry, belabor, pride for their country, receptive and smiley. This is the nation that has made me standout as I look upon it, taught me to live a life of enrichment. And I hope this affair is finally consummated.