Social injustice is when unjust actions are done in the society. There are lots of injustices in our society but the biggest injustices of all are those rendered to women and girls.


and in most cases condemns them. Girls that get pregnant at schools are expelled in most cases but in all my years, I’m yet to hear of a boy that was expelled because he got a girl pregnant or one that is judged harshly by society because he got a girl pregnant. Girls are ridiculed and find it hard to face people after they get pregnant at tender ages. So why is the girl punished and the boy not, is that not a great injustice. In my opinion it is not the girl alone that was party to the action that got her pregnant, the boy too is party to it. So it is only fair that if a girl is to be sent away from school because she got pregnant then the boy should be sent away too for getting her pregnant. What lesson does society wish to teach if it only punishes the girl for an act committed by two. It is only fair that if a school has among its rules a prohibition of pregnancy by girls then it should prohibit the boys from getting the girls pregnant and punish them both in the same manner because the act that resulted into the pregnancy was carried out by both girl and boy. It is an injustice to have a girl pay for an act and the boy suffer no consequence. And if only the girls are to face consequences for having sex at a young age then I believe the punishment is pointless. They do not have it with themselves and if boys suffer no consequences then there is no way it will stop. Punishment in most cases is given so that we can learn from our mistakes and desist from doing the same in the future. Therefore in that spirit it is only fair that society punishes both the culprits. That the schools start to punish the boys too and the society condemns them both.
Another example of social injustice is how women are treated at their places of employment. Women are harassed regularly by their employers and asked for sexual favors. And in such cases however competent a woman maybe at her work she may still end up losing her job if she does not give in to the sexual advances. And when society gets to find out about the affair, it is the woman that will be blamed for seducing the man. And what makes it sad is that it is mostly the women of society that blame, criticize and condemn fellow women. It is they that condone social injustices against their own the most. Social injustice is also seen where a woman’s potential and competence is questioned in a way that when a woman excels or gets a promotion it is said that she gave out sexual favours to get to that point.
In cases of adultery too, the woman is condemned more than the men. Women try to shame other women for cheating with their husbands and boyfriends. This is mostly done on social media. They guilt friends that get involved with their partners calling them all sorts of names. But is it fair to blame the friend that betrayed you and not blame your partner. If the friend is a slut then the man is a creep and disgusting because whether she seduced him or not it was still his decision to get involved with her. Therefore he too should be blamed and shamed. It is truly a great injustice where an act is done by two parties but only one party is condemned for it. Why does society do this? That is however not the only case of adultery where the woman is looked down on and condemned. A woman is also condemned where she cheats on her husband and in such cases, men usually decide to separate from their wives and yet a man that cheats is excused by society with comments from all over claiming that is what men are. Everyone claiming it is not a matter to write home about and neither is it unheard of so the woman should just let it go and continue to cook for her husband and care for her kids. Apparently adultery by a married woman is inexcusable and that by a man is nothing new so a woman shouldn’t even make a big deal about it.
While most injustices in society are committed against women there are those committed against men. At work places mostly where an employer is male, a woman may be excused for her incompetence and yet a man will be criticized for it and can even be reprimanded by their bosses in the presence of their colleagues.
Boys in rural areas face injustice in a way that if a boy gets a girl pregnant and she has greedy parents, they will have him arrested and demand money from the boy’s family. They usually claim that the money is to cater for the girl’s needs during pregnancy and even demand it like they had given it to the boy’s parents for safe keeping or had earned it. It is not fair that the boys be detained because there is usually consent in these cases. This is especially where they are in the same age bracket. Society commits an injustice where it without condemns male teachers for making advances on the female students. This usually occurs where a student is punished and would like to get back at the teacher that punished her. So she comes up with allegations against him. This also happens at work places where female employees make false allegations of sexual harassment against their superiors or bosses after they have been reprimanded.
Why do you as a person in society or one in a position of power condone social injustice? Be it as a head teacher that lets unfair rules be put in place and enforced, a supervisor that can’t tell the boss that he should respect his employees or a company owner that doesn’t ensure that his or her male employees are not sexually harassing the female employees. An employer that doesn’t ensure that harassment allegations are proved before an employee is dismissed on those grounds. I believe the first thing to be done in helping to fight social injustice is changing our own mindsets and then we could try to change those of others so that we can stop condoning social injustice. We should try and stand with those that are being condemned where we believe an injustice is being committed.