The path of technology

To sit across the table or mat or room to discuss issues of any kind pertinent to us is now a forgotten tradition. I call it tradition because it was part of our life, something that was passed from one generation to another, but the current generation has refused to accept it. Not their fault. Circumstances beyond their measure happened and they simply embraced it.

What happened to visiting friends, as far as they could be, to sit and tell stories to each other, to hearty laughs, warm embraces and honest smiles? Where did all that go? The moonlight meetings in the compounds of our homes, where nature was amidst us, where love traversed our hearts and created a bond of eternity, don’t we really miss that? Talk of the daring trips we made in the long along paths never walked before and we lived by our instincts and curiosity and where we grew with knowledge of things around us.

What about the wisdom of our beloved elders, whose stories of old were told, to spring inspiration and nurture the young to paths well thought of. Where the young people clung to the toes and cloth of the men of old, just to know how life was achieved in their times and how life was celebrated. Where success and civility was measured not by material possession, but by compassion and joy in life.

What happened to the games children played, games that spurred their minds, built their creativity and created bonds between families and the community, games that built our children’s physical being transforming them into strong and active men and women. Games that uplifted our children’s morality, purified their conscience and strengthened their love for kith and kin. Games that distinguished between children and adults, and cemented it with mercy and respect between them.

For what did we sacrifice all that? Who blinded us? Who took away our reasoning and conscience? Here we are, celebrating and praising virtualness for civility and progress. Fathoming our images on devices, yet breeding selfishness in our hearts. We so much concerned about people we do not know about, yet neglecting our immediate neighbours.

We are constantly identified by our profile pictures of a onetime summer vacation posted on our facebook or instagram, routinely checking the likes and comments for they are our only concern, from it, we derive happiness. We post our mothers on our timeless with captions of love, yet we are devoid of assisting and engaging them with honest hugs and kisses, listening how their day was spent.

Here we are, enjoying a series of games on our phones and computers, games that have occupied our minds with nothing but illusions, addictive games that have dwarfed our creativity and made us nothing but idle chaps who cannot even think for themselves. These phones have corrupted our moral understanding and we are absolutely okay with it.
Here we are, enjoying passivity rather than activeness, shaping our minds not to think of the environment around us, we spend our happy moments on our phones, our best smiles are given by emojis and a lot of acronyms and onomatopoeia like lol and hahaha, all these aint real, the feeling isn’t that pure, the smiles are always blunt.

Our relationships are failing, if not have already failed because we have accepted virtualness, by relationships I mean all relationships from our families, workmates, wives and husbands and worst of all our God. How many of us have not skipped prayers in churches and mosques because we are busy on our phones, not with anything beneficial but maybe a game or surfing pornography.

Our phones have become an addiction to us like caffeine, and probably more dangerous than caffeine, the only problem is that our society has, refused to admit the same about our phones. We have wallowed in a bottomless pit deception and there is no one to help.

But not all hope is lost, our pretty and multitasking iphones and Samsungs are a wonderful handset, they have kept us abreast with the latest information, these technologies have enabled the world become a global village, one can access events happening in the world with a simple touch or swipe on their palm. A lot of good stuff comes with these phones.

Just like fire, this technology is a two edged sword, it is a path one needs to tread carefully. Otherwise I would implore a moderate use of it. Any kind of extremism is dangerous and usually works as a huddle for development in any society. We need to check how best these handsets can simplify and add value to our life and that is what we should go with. And as well try as much to avoid all the negatives that comes with these mighty technological advancement.