The path of technology

To sit across the table or mat or room to discuss issues of any kind pertinent to us is now a forgotten tradition. I call it tradition because it was part of our life, something that was passed from one generation to another, but the current generation has refused to accept it. Not their fault. Circumstances beyond their measure happened and they simply embraced it.

What happened to visiting friends, as far as they could be, to sit and tell stories to each other, to hearty laughs, warm embraces and honest smiles? Where did all that go? The moonlight meetings in the compounds of our homes, where nature was amidst us, where love traversed our hearts and created a bond of eternity, don’t we really miss that? Talk of the daring trips we made in the long along paths never walked before and we lived by our instincts and curiosity and where we grew with knowledge of things around us.

What about the wisdom of our beloved elders, whose stories of old were told, to spring inspiration and nurture the young to paths well thought of. Where the young people clung to the toes and cloth of the men of old, just to know how life was achieved in their times and how life was celebrated. Where success and civility was measured not by material possession, but by compassion and joy in life.

What happened to the games children played, games that spurred their minds, built their creativity and created bonds between families and the community, games that built our children’s physical being transforming them into strong and active men and women. Games that uplifted our children’s morality, purified their conscience and strengthened their love for kith and kin. Games that distinguished between children and adults, and cemented it with mercy and respect between them.

For what did we sacrifice all that? Who blinded us? Who took away our reasoning and conscience? Here we are, celebrating and praising virtualness for civility and progress. Fathoming our images on devices, yet breeding selfishness in our hearts. We so much concerned about people we do not know about, yet neglecting our immediate neighbours.

We are constantly identified by our profile pictures of a onetime summer vacation posted on our facebook or instagram, routinely checking the likes and comments for they are our only concern, from it, we derive happiness. We post our mothers on our timeless with captions of love, yet we are devoid of assisting and engaging them with honest hugs and kisses, listening how their day was spent.

Here we are, enjoying a series of games on our phones and computers, games that have occupied our minds with nothing but illusions, addictive games that have dwarfed our creativity and made us nothing but idle chaps who cannot even think for themselves. These phones have corrupted our moral understanding and we are absolutely okay with it.
Here we are, enjoying passivity rather than activeness, shaping our minds not to think of the environment around us, we spend our happy moments on our phones, our best smiles are given by emojis and a lot of acronyms and onomatopoeia like lol and hahaha, all these aint real, the feeling isn’t that pure, the smiles are always blunt.

Our relationships are failing, if not have already failed because we have accepted virtualness, by relationships I mean all relationships from our families, workmates, wives and husbands and worst of all our God. How many of us have not skipped prayers in churches and mosques because we are busy on our phones, not with anything beneficial but maybe a game or surfing pornography.

Our phones have become an addiction to us like caffeine, and probably more dangerous than caffeine, the only problem is that our society has, refused to admit the same about our phones. We have wallowed in a bottomless pit deception and there is no one to help.

But not all hope is lost, our pretty and multitasking iphones and Samsungs are a wonderful handset, they have kept us abreast with the latest information, these technologies have enabled the world become a global village, one can access events happening in the world with a simple touch or swipe on their palm. A lot of good stuff comes with these phones.

Just like fire, this technology is a two edged sword, it is a path one needs to tread carefully. Otherwise I would implore a moderate use of it. Any kind of extremism is dangerous and usually works as a huddle for development in any society. We need to check how best these handsets can simplify and add value to our life and that is what we should go with. And as well try as much to avoid all the negatives that comes with these mighty technological advancement.


Most of us have been employees at some point in our lives. We may not be there anymore but we have been there before. Surely those who have skipped that hurdle do not wish to return to it. The life of an employee is not an easy one but it is made even harder by difficult bosses. There are a number of woes associated with being an employee. Woes that employees have almost every single day.

A typical day in the life of an employee usually begins with waking up early to get ready for work. Mostly for employees that work in busy areas that are a bit of a distance from where they stay. One has to sit through traffic and worry about the time they shall eventually get to work. This is not only because of the work and deadlines they may have to catch up on or with but one has to also live in fear of being scolded by their employer and have to come up with a reason for why they are late.

Employees are usually given lots of work but are underpaid. Supervisors usually delegate whatever they can to those below them. Yes a supervisor is an employee too but for this article we shall be referring to employees that have no authority over any other employee.

Employees are thrown under the bus a number of times by their supervisors. Where a supervisor is questioned about something that was not done right, they more often than not blame the employees under them. And in most cases the employees ends up being reprimanded for something he or she not only had no part in but has no clue about what he or she is even being reprimanded for.

Employees have to put up with their ideas being taken over and have someone else take credit for their ideas. Usually when an employee shares an idea with his or her boss on how things at the work place can be improved to increase on the efficiency in the work place. The boss rarely remembers to give credit to the employee for the idea instead they take it up as their own. To add salt to the wound even when it pays off and increases the profits they are making. They don’t think about giving a bonus to the employee that came up with the idea in order to encourage him or her to do better next time.

In some workplaces, employees have to put up with bosses or supervisors that don’t allow them to have a mind of their own. In such workplaces one is required to do exactly as they are told and not get creative or they will be reprimanded. They have to dim their potential which in the long run affects their creativity.

Employees in some cases have to put up with bosses that don’t appreciate them. Bosses that always find one thing or another to complain about even when the employee is doing the best he or she can with the amount of work they are given. It is disheartening to the employees to do the best they can but still not be appreciated and have the bosses focus on what they didn’t do or what they did wrong.

Another thing, now this I refer to it as a trial in the life of an employee is having to be respectful and kind to the family of one’s bosses especially where the said family member is younger than you and the boss is an ass to you. Employees are usually respectful and very nice to the family members of their bosses even to their kids because they want to be in the good graces of their bosses. This can be very trying when one is dealing with let’s say a bratty child and when one’s boss treats him or her with not even the slightest bit of respect.

Something else I consider a trial in the life of an employee is being sent on errands of one’s boss. And yet one is not even an errand person in the office. It truly is a trying moment for some employees for example in cases where an employer may send you to go get them lunch when you yourself can’t afford to have it. To make matters worse there are some employers that are too cheap they give you less money. This is because they are cheapskates and wouldn’t want you to keep any change for yourself. By giving you less money and expecting you to bring what they know costs more than what they have given you. They leave you with no choice but to have to top up and I can assure you that topping up even one hundred shillings can cause the employee to feel physical pain since they are being taken advantage of. An employee goes through all this pretending that all is well since they fear their bosses and don’t have the courage to stand up to them and tell them to give them more money for their lunch or for the errands they send them on.

A woe of an employee that I consider very sad and demeaning is being treated like a child. An employee has to put up with being shouted at and being disrespected by his or her boss. It is so sad that employees grow to dread or fear the wrath of their bosses and try to avoid being shouted at. What is even worse is that they have to put up with being shouted at and disrespected by their bosses if they want to keep their jobs.

Another woe of an employee is being doubted when they call in sick or when they lose someone. It’s really sad how an employee is not even allowed to fall sick in peace like even that is asking for too much. An employee has to constantly worry about the loss of his or her job while they are sick especially where they are sick for long periods. Employees that ask for days off to go for relatives burials even though they are months apart will be asked if they are always losing people.

The life of an employee is truly not an easy one and is filled with lots of woes and trials. For one’s patience is tested to the maximum and because one needs the job and that pay check at the end of the month one has to put up with a lot. Including one’s boss disrespecting him or her. Which is usually the case since there are plenty of employers that talk to their employees like they are talking to children. But is it really fair to overwork, underpay and disrespect the employee, making an already difficult life even worse. However not every employee goes through such a life. An employees’ place of work and the work environment is a major factor in how his or her life is.


A friend is someone we lean on, someone who is always there for us. Through our bad and good times. Someone we have a good time with and usually someone we have things in common with. Friendships are not always full of sunshine and rainbows sometimes there are disagreements, anger and misunderstandings which friends always find a way of getting through. However even through the rough patches there are some duties that friends owe each other, ones that can’t usually be compromised on just because the friends are going through a rough patch.

Have you ever considered the duties you and your friends owe to each other. I am not talking about just acquaintances or people we are friendly with. I am talking about the close friends that got us, they have our backs whenever and wherever. They could be very mad at us for one thing or another but will always be there when we need them. There are some duties that we and our close friends owe to each other.

We and our friends owe each other honesty and trust. We have a duty to be honest with our friends even with truths they seem to not be ready for, truths that may be unpleasant and truths we know they may not accept. Whether they accept it or not we should be honest with our friends. We should be honest with our friends and let them know when we believe they are making a mistake. This duty doesn’t mean that we are also responsible for their decisions. Sometimes the best we can do is let our friends know when we feel they are on the wrong or making are a mistake and letting them make their decisions. If it ends up being the wrong one or a mistake having their back through it all. We owe our friends trust. In a way that we would believe them if they told us they did or didn’t do something even if there is circumstantial evidence to the contrary. This is because things are not always as they seem. The trust we owe our friends is not only restricted to believing them but also to giving them the benefit of a doubt when people accuse them in our presence. Mostly of things we know they couldn’t be capable of.

We have a duty to support our friends. By support I don’t mean just in the bad times but the good times too and in their endeavours. As friends we have a duty to support each other, for example if a friend is starting up a business as friends we have a duty to support them. We have a duty to support them in their times of need and in their times of happiness too. While we may console or encourage them in our friends’ time of need that by itself is not enough. We have to listen to our friends too and advise them when they have troubles. However being with our friends in their tough or trying moments is not enough. We also have a duty to be with them in their good times, to share their joy and happiness with them too because they not only need us when they are down but also when they are ecstatic or happy.


We have a duty to be sensitive to our friends’ feelings. We shouldn’t intentionally hurt the feelings of our friends. Sometimes we do things without considering the feelings of our friends and yet we owe them a duty to be sensitive to their feelings. This is mostly though not limited to cases where we get involved with the exes to our friends which ends up hurting their feelings.
We owe our friends a duty not to betray their confidence. This basically means that we owe our friends a duty to keep their secrets among other things. Friends talk about a lot of things and unlike some cases where one will let you know that they are telling you a secret, good friends don’t need to do that since they both have each other’s best interests at heart. But even if a friend does not tell another not to tell anyone what they told them they usually expect them not to. This is because friends often confide in each other about lots of things including their fears, hopes and dreams, things they expect to stay between or among them.

We have a duty to accept our friends as they are. It is not right for us to try and change our friends to fit certain images we believe our friends should be up to. In some cases we feel that some of our friends embarrass us when we are among some other friends or colleagues and we end up trying to change them or their image. This is so they can stop embarrassing us. But as friends we have a duty to accept our friends as they are because it isn’t what’s outside that matters but what is inside.

However though we owe duties to our friends, these duties are not absolute. That is to say they are not set in stone. While there are duties we owe to our friends. There are also duties we owe to ourselves and there comes a time when fulfilling a duty to our friends may cause us harm. In such cases we must think of ourselves too in the sense of “me before you”. For example though we may owe our friends a duty to support them, sometimes this support may come at a high price to us and it is not fair that we betray ourselves in a bid to be good friends to someone else. These duties are also not absolute mostly in circumstances where they are not returned. It is not fair to us to owe and carry out duties or refer to people as friends when they feel they don’t owe us any duties and in fact take us for granted. One should know that someone calling you their good friend and in these times posting you on their socials and praising you is not enough, One should actually be a good friend through their actions not their words. So we should be careful and not betray our own selves for people that are there to use us citing that we owe them duties and all. These duties are and should be mutual. You are a friend not a paid servant.


No, men are not trash. However, many people, mostly women tend to quote this phrase. I’ve met women who let men get away with certain things because they strongly stand for this phase. I took the effort to find out why women feel like this? Because really, I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to trash in a taxi now do I?, so this, my lovely readers is why men are trash. It is a direct answer without any bias.

Men are trash because they act so, say so, and accept it as so. I sound mean don’t I? I sound like an angry womanist. I am not a womanist. But yeah I could be a little angry. I say so because I have looked at circumstances that have brought men down to being called trash and one main characteristics in this circumstances is that men accept this negativity. Whether it is to boost their ego, escape responsibility, pretend it’s what makes them a man whatever reason they accept this title. Men for example tend to accept that they are sexual predators. They even defend it. The stereotype is that to appear and affirm masculinity, a male person must be violent, untamely, aggressive and these are often characteristics influenced by society and culture and turned into a checklist for wether you are man enough or not. It is the stereotype that men are sexually weak and woman are not. Men are considered the sexually weak gender and therefore expect to be excused for various negative sexual behavior. They get away by playing the common card “you know men”. This has made many men comfortable that they can act sexually anywhere and get away with it or even get applauded by it because of the simple fact that they are men, being sexually aggressive creatures. Cat callers in the street are a huge example for this. Ask cat callers in the street why they do it and they answer it is a guy thing. You find a nicely dressed man catcalling because he thinks he should do it coz his a guy. So this disgusting, demeaning and foolish act is a guy thing. They call it a game and a hobby even when it clearly disrespects them and the women they do it to. Which is every woman really. This makes a statement to the women they do it to. It tells women that men are TRASH.

Men are trash because they say so. A man will say that he wouldn’t be able to resist harassing a woman because she is beautiful. I call it harassment because touching, gropping, grabbing any person without their consent is assault. They defend their crime by saying they are acting in their natural form as men. This is a view that has been extended to rape victims. They are blamed for the crime committed against them because of what they wear. A woman who has been raped faces a lot of criticism for what they are wearing and are often asked to describe what they where wearing. Even the leaders in the country have maliciously supported this notion publicly. Ntungamo district youth minister Ronald Kibuule, while addressing youth in Kajara county said that police should charge the victims of rape with inviting the crime. By saying this he portrayed men as sexual predators with a rape switch that turns on when women where a short skirt. It defends men to rape because the woman was wearing a short skirt. It says that men can not control themselves and that it’s in their nature to be predators. This shows the ignorance that this man bears, for he assumes rape is about how much a woman arouses a man whereas it’s about violence degrading and power. Many times I’ve had men promise violence to women if they refuse their responses or if they happen to feel small before a woman. However many men have stood with this minister in support of this odious ideology. This is the acceptance that am talking about, when you accept that you have a rapist nature in you due to the fact that you are male and at the sight of a short skirt, tight jeans then your rapist nature reveals itself. Men have accepted this and so has government and police and victims are blamed for the crime committed against them. Women are instead supposed to take measures to ensure men don’t rape. This means that daughters are not safe with their fathers, wives with their husbands, mothers with their sons. This is demeaning to the value of men as there is nothing glorious with being a sex predator whom every woman should be aware of. It reduces men’s status in the country and labels our brothers, sons, fathers as potential rapist that at the sight of my skin they can rape me and get away with it because they’ve done a natural male thing? This does just promote and increase rape and it demeans the respect of men in society. Men won’t be able to carry out their roles as fathers because they would be considered potential rapists to their daughters. Brothers potential rapists to their sisters. How disgusting is that? It is a shame that it is men themselves who want to be seen as such. It is men themselves who want to disgrace themselves. From protectors to potential rapists. That’s a very low status for the men we are taught to very much respect. How am I supposed to respect a man who could rape me anytime and say my clothing attracted him? How can a man easily lose his dignity due to clothing? How can a leader stand and uphold rapists and encourage men to rape? How can men think so little of their strength that they believe they have natural rape instincts? It is the most absurd thing, for is this how we want our sons to grow up? To grow up and think it’s okay to rape a woman because she’s wearing indecently. Does this say about the character of the woman or does it speak more about the vileness of the men in our community. Doesn’t this say that men are TRASH?

Among the various reasons men are trash is their view on marriage and parenting. Influenced by culture, many men do not participate in marriage and parenting unless they participating financially and sexually and still never do too well in both areas😒. Many men in Uganda assume sex is created for their pleasure. That a woman is to give them sex and they to receive. They do not think that sex belongs to a woman as much as it does to a man. They even tend to get frightened when a woman is sexually empowered. In Uganda, have sex with a man, even your husband, without asking for money and he will think you are an easy pass. To them women don’t struggle with lust. This shows a male mentality that sex is passive to women. That maybe, I think, we women don’t crave it😂( IKR). Or not supposed to crave it which totally sucks because women have a whole area created just to feel pleasure I bet they see it but don’t know it. The belief is that to women, sex is about money and children. Men get shocked when they come to hear about female sex addiction, female masturbation or even just the whole female sexuality. They are ignorant about the capability of pleasure women can feel during sex. This is derived from our cultures where women where commonly expected to suppress their sexuality to level zero😒😒 and men where supposed to literary glorify their sexuality to a foolish point. In many cultures, it’s the ssenga that taught girls about sex. They taught them wrong through out. They taught from a young age that their bodies where meant to satisfy men. They altered the physiology of little girls genitals just so as to satisfy future husbands. When time came to marry, brides where taught and given sexual tips on how to be perfect sex objects to their husbands. These tips where at most fake. I once heard a ssenga teach brides. She gave a sexual tip that a wife must not have one type of moaning sound during sexual intercourse. That she should have different ones and interchange them so that the man feels empowered.😂. She even made the sounds for the women to learn from. This was the fakest sex tip I’d ever heard. It portrayed men as very foolish creatures as it expected to make men feel and think that they very sexually aggressive creatures, but because the moans are fake, the woman isint feeling satisfied or loved she is simply making you think she is feeling very satisfied in most cases even pretend she’s feeling pain so that you can feel like a king. She is fooling you because the truth is you depending on false pretense to boost your ego. Women in Uganda apart from just sex, tend to suppress her abilities, her wealth, intelligence because these things frighten small men. When I was young I was asked which car I wanted to drive. I chose a Benz cross country because it was my fathers favorite car and I liked the big toys😜. The man who asked me this proceeded to tell me that I should opt for a smaller car, that he wrongly described as feminine saying that suitors would fear to approach me and that I would intimidate men if I had such a big car. I’ve known men who marry career focused women and deny them their right to work because they fear the success of their wives. They fear their wives having wealth and legacies. They fear just how much potential their wives may have. They want to be superior to their wives so they take away from her the tools that they think make her superior. I’ve seen Ugandan men not believe that a woman has made her money. A man once assured me in a taxi that there is no woman in Uganda who is rich by her own intelligence. That they either have to marry a rich man or sleep with one. Yet everyday I am surrounded by ambitious, determined money making women. There is a norm of men constantly putting down women’s effort. They think this norm makes them superior. But every empowered woman knows that a strong man don’t need to crash a strong woman. It is a thing for the weak men. Am saddened that in the country, even in government, we are faced by such weak men. Weak Men think it’s superior to suppress a woman. Women think men are TRASH for suppressing them.

When it comes to parenting I get saddened. Fathers, the role of leaders and mentors, has been reduced to a joke. One morning on my way to campus, I sat quietly listening to a radio presenter of Sanyu FM, who asks a question about whether people support family planing or not. The majority callers where men who claimed It is their right to have children as long as they have money. They defended their arguments with quotes from the Bible, Quran and African proverbs. They claimed they should have as many children as their pockets can allow. Question is can money raise children? Can money carry sleeping babies on its back, clean up children’s messes, raise them in a godly way, teach them good manners and make sure they’ve done their homework? Your money cannot do any of the above and yet that’s the role of parenting. Traditionally the person who does all of the above is a woman. Money can only sustain the children financially but it can’t raise them. Children do not see money in your pocket, they need to see love, care, consideration. They need to be taught life lessons. Sadly, this burden falls on the mothers, since fathers think their role is limited to money. This has really demeaned the role of being a father in a child’s life. Here you have many children who do not know the use of a father. These are many children becoming adults who resent their fathers. When I was a little girl in primary school, a teacher teasingly asked whom we loved most between a father and mother. All the children raised for mother. It is sad for the fathers role to be seen as so useless to children that they assume to love their mothers most. When asked why by our teacher, the children replied, mother bathes us, she cooks for us, she teaches us, she carries us, she prays for us, she plays with us. According to culture, most of these roles are regarded female roles and so regarded as weak. Men where raised to feel small to sit on a bench with his own child, to cook food for his children, to bathe his children and yet this is what the children see as loving acts. Sons need their fathers to teach them how to be good men and daughters need their fathers to teach them how to know good men. Fathers are mentors and teachers not simple minded rich sperm donors. Produce children you can raise not children you can sustain financially. A rich man rather have two children he has raised right than have twenty children who are riff ruffs. Being a father is much more than the money you have. It is foolish that Ugandan men want to impregnate every woman but they don’t know how to tie children on their backs while cooking food. They simply want the simple way out. Women understand this and that’s why more and more women opt for family planing because she knows the toil of raising the child will be on her. The man may give financial support but when a child misbehaves he will blame the mother totally ignoring the fact that he never raises his child because according to him it’s not his role. Even society blames the mother, not the parents as one. Men, who told you that your money is going to love your children? This is a shame, that men have so much wholeheartedly reduced being a father to TRASH.

These are just a few scenarios in life that make this statement stick. It’s sad, isint it that such many words could be a few scenarios. I hate saying men are trash, because they are not. They are wonderful creatures made by God. They are strong and wise and leaders. I feel like telling men to take up their rightful positions in society as fathers, leaders, protectors and Kings. Do not accept to be trash. How can you stand and let the world label you, you kings, as potential rapist? How can you accept such foul identity and yet you are Kings. Fathers. Lovers. You African men, are Kings ruling beside your Queens do not take a lesser form and let your Queens look down on you as trash. Take back your roles and fulfill them. Because you definitely are not TRASH.

Written by Abigail Magezi Ninsiima

The writer is a law student at Cavendish University.

Love and Charms.

What has happened to the African society, our Ugandan society? In the days before both men and women respected each other, loved each other and were always a union of lasting peace in the society.

This love is not a simple thing so to say, it carries a sacred notion as well, most religious books have addressed the subject of love between man and woman and how it should be expressed and giving the different roles both should play for a forever lasting relationship. And most people have always approached this love with a religious background since religion has a great bearing in the lives of most Ugandans.

However, there is something cooking in the background of this so called ‘relationship’. Something am afraid is against religion and reason too by the way. Charming love, so it is. A concept no one really understands when it started but always associated with traditional healers and we all know these fellows have been around for quite some time now. They do their business with the freedom our country offers just like any health facility or business entity. I have read one of their adverts being returning lost lovers and finding a lover. My palms are actually sweaty as I write this, do not worry it is not fear.

Going further, the business of finding lovers and returning lost lovers by these traditional healers involves the use of charms, whose prescriptions are given and normally involve total discretion. Not your usual painkillers you take in the sight of everyone. Ideally, for any relationship to exist, it involves one person approaching the other, and society decided long ago that it is men to approach women and convince them and normally a lot is at stake here, one’s way of approach, their condition and a lot more that each person would love to see in another. The worst that can happen here to anyone is rejection.

When a person is rejected by another they would go and wallow in self pity or anger in private and then let it go and find someone else. But in the society we live in today, being rejected by someone doesn’t sit well with people. For the guys he could make a bet with his friends for one of them to play with the girl’s feelings. For a girl there are two things she could “charm” you or seduce you and get pregnant by you. Many men have been trapped in relationships by women deliberately getting pregnant.

It is so sad that this is what it has come to and what is even more saddening is the fact that pregnancy is actually one of the humane like things to do, something simple because there are things that are worse than that. Things like “charms”, while both women and men do use this, it is more popular among the women than it is among the men.

It is horrifying to think about the different charms women use to keep men that don’t want them. One of which is cooking him one’s menstrual blood, am not only sure what exact quantity is recommended. As if that is not enough, these fearless creatures of God go ahead and feed their men with fecal matter, I mean human poo. Yes, this poo is mixed with pasted sauce and served to the men to eat, apparently it is always tasty, can imagine how many of you men have eaten tasty food, but you may keep that to yourself.

You can imagine how much filth and dirt people have consumed in the name of love, how about we call it selfish love, because that is what it is. Whatever motive drives our women to put their men in the bottle “okuteka omusajja mu kyupa”can only be explained and understood by them. But they seem so comfortable and daring whoever will point an accusing finger, because to them it is the least they can do for love and try to look even in a male dominated society. But should they stoop that low?

It is so sad and terrifying to know that your choice can be taken from you. That someone can want you and not care that you don’t want them. And instead employ methods to ensure that they get you. But is it fair to the people these things are done to and what right do those that do it have to do it. Yes it is not an easy pill to swallow being rejected by someone but then I’m sure those that do it also have people they reject for various reasons. So why then do they take that choice away from others? And how do they feel knowing someone is with them because they charmed them and this person’s choice has been taken from them.

Women justify themselves by claiming that it is society that makes them do that. That an unmarried woman is looked down on in society. And apparently this forces them to resort to extreme measures. In my opinion this is just an excuse because whatever society does or does not do, our decisions are in our hands and at the end of the day we are part of society, we make up the society and we too judge other women that are unmarried.

Be it as it may, this is something happening daily in our lives, we either know someone doing it, or have heard or read stories of someone doing it, wherever category we fall in, we can do something about it. At least the worst should be that you seek God’s hand in the deliverance of these folks before you and I become victims of this gruesome and ghastly growing culture.

Lovely New Zealand.

A sovereign island country in the southwestern pacific ocean, a developed country that ranks highly in international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, protection of civil liberties and economic freedom. A country filled with life and beauty and God. A nation surrounded by wonder and nature, nature so green and lovely and simply natural. The citizens filled with buoyancy and pride in their country, for God loved it and blessed it.

But for hate, something aghast though belittled and horrific happened, a thing so gruesome and inhumane. Where was God? Where was the love? Was God watching that man prepare himself to do whatever he did? He does have a name by the way, but just like the Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, I shall not mention his name, throughout this text, I shall refer to him as “man”. With every fibre of his being and conscience and belief, this man picked himself up, bought a gun and a camera, drove to the mosque in Christchurch town on a Friday, a day believed by Muslims to be filled with blessings and mercy from Allah. Got out of the car, entered the mosque and shot every human life that could not manage escaping his claws, fathers, husbands, children, babies, mothers and wives, he did all that while live streaming live in facebook.

No one really understands this man’s motive, why he invested in taking away people’s life and joy. Some sources have identified this man as an extremist and not a terrorist, but from his actions, it is clear he was a terrorist and no amount of sugar coating can erase that fact. And any attempt to belittle his actions renders the world not a safe for anyone including you and me.

I cannot imagine how much pain and grief families and loved ones of those slain felt, and whether any act of consolation will ever be enough for them, whether life be the same again or ever will but one thing is true, those who were killed will never come back but it is that we shall join them, we will die, including that man.

Social media is commonly known as a platform for idlers, believe these ‘idlers’ spread love too and if for anything, the worldhijabday page on instagram and facebook should be applauded for the #Headscarfforharmony campaign. This was a week after that horrific incident. The concern and love expressed by non-Muslims was immense and I would to share some of the their messages here;

“I drove to our local mosque today to stand outside and guard their space so that our local Islamic community could pray in safety. I drove away a mess. These beautiful, humble, dignified and diverse people didn’t need me to stand guard. Instead we were welcomed in, fed, clothed and received beautiful gifts of thanks. Those of us there for the first time were hesitant, but the women insisted we were welcome and led us inside. There, we knelt with so many strong and beautiful women and their children who spoke and grieved and laughed……… I left broken and in tears. I was overcome with a sense of my own ignorance and inadequacy. This hijab which was gifted to me will be treasured for the rest of my life. What a beautiful and rich community of women I have communed with today.” By Monique Prins, a non-Muslim lady from Christchurch town.

Rose Leisi, a non-Muslim lady wrote “As I adorned the hijab this morning to honor the victims of the Christchurch tragedy last Friday which resulted to New Zealand’s darkest day and for the headscarf for harmony movement. I could help but think of the women that would be putting on their hijabs to say farewell to their Dads, Brothers, Sons and loved ones. I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through but I pray they stay steadfast in their faith and they can find peace.”

Gracie McGillivray posted “Today I wore a headscarf, left the house stressed with hands shaking, it was a nerve-racking feeling. My heart was literally pounding in my chest. Earning looks of disgust but most importantly looks of trust. To stand by my sisters, in support and solidarity. So when they look around, they have a sense of familiarity. To show the world, that Muslim women have identity.”

The above are only a few of the posts of solidarity and love shared on social media platforms of how thousands of women joined their Muslim brethrens and believe me, the world has become a better place for the Muslim community.

The man miscalculated, he thought killing 50 Muslims on a Friday would stop deter or stop Muslims, now look how the Quran was recited in the parliament, the Muslim call of prayer (Adhan) was called across the world, the Friday sermon (khutbah) was aired on television, the hadith (teachings of the prophet) was read by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Hijab was worn by New Zealand women. Thanks to the terrorist, the Muslim brotherhood was strengthened.

Imam Gamal Fouda of the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, in his sermon on Friday, a week after the brutal incident said “Our loss of you is a gain to New Zealand’s unity” in reference to the slain Muslims. That was indeed proved by hundreds and thousands of mankind unified for one purpose, the hate has been undone and love redeemed all of us.

Thank you New Zealand, thank you the world, we have seen and felt your love. The same should be extend to every community in the world that faces such barbarism and hostility, we better off loved, hate in the shape of extremism and supremacy should never be tolerated anywhere amidst us. We are love and lets all spread love. Today, could be me and tomorrow, someone else. You and I shall be held responsible before our children and God.

Live thee well comrades.

My Chinese affair.

With naivety and innocence, I was charmed by a mysterious love affair. One I did not expect yet growing slowly. It was a Saturday afternoon during my primary six third term holiday; I was about 10 or maybe 11 years of age, doing rounds in my village trading centre with a bucket of pancakes on my head. 100, 100. I called. With much earnestness and timidity, I conducted my trade to the end.

At about 4:30 pm, the loudspeakers next door did stop to announce the themes and soundtracks of movies and that put me on tenterhooks, of course it was a video hall; however a particular one took my attention. The themes were unique with a certain natural and tamed sound, I listened with much alertness and really my favorite Video Jockey had translated the movie, he was VJ JINGO. He read the names, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and others who starred in the movie and announced the film had just started.

Since there was enough time on me before I go back home, I scampered for the door of the video hall with my empty bucket at hand. With much excitement I took the front portion of the dark room with the flashes of the screen as the only source of light. The movie scenes were exhilarating and breathtaking; I wore a wide smile from the beginning to the end.

The kung fu martial arts style, the unusual style of structures with curved edges of the roof, the mountains seemed from another planet, the boiled chicken head and chop sticks, the eccentric Chinese language, the Chinese graphics, not forgetting the magnificent and profound great wall. Everything seemed a fairytale and this left my mind tingling about China.

My affection for China and Chinese movies could not help but escalate; I became a regular at the video hall, commonly known as ‘kibanda’ but for only Chinese movies during the entire holiday. This was massively good for my pan cake business because I fed the people in the hall and got payment in return.

Later, this affair was too huge for me to base on only movies; I started to Google and read on the internet about china, its history, its past leaders like Mao Tse Tang whom I notably studied in school in my history subject as a prudent, shrewd and judicious leader who helped African countries attain independence in the 19th century, the Chinese cultures and traditions, their religions especially Buddhism, its unmatched language with over 3000 characters, Chinese medication and therapy like yoga and modern china. This brought me great pride and knowledge. This courtship was magical.

Back at school, my narrations about China was way out of this world; I became a little competitor to my favourite VJ Jingo but only I was at school and could not translate the movies. This won me many friends and I became popular in school. “China man” was my nickname and I loved it. I walked with my head high feeling every atom of air in the school yard.

However, of the Chinese greatness, one fortification struck me numb, the Great Wall of China. Constructed with stones, bricks, tamped earth, wood and other materials and covering a distance of over 20,000 km. Purposely built to protect the Chinese states and empires against raids and invasions from the nomadic groups, erected as early as 7th century BC.

This amazing structure rich with history and admiration has stood the test of time. Its sight is immense with pride for a country that is not mine but where my soul lingers and every part of my flesh wishes to embrace this Chinese jewel.

Kissed by the sun, caressed by the moon and embraced by the winds for ages, the Great Wall of China’s romance with natural forces was grounded to last with petrichor and iridescent. Its sight quenches my spirits with a lotion of velvet. Its fragrance deposits my mind a thousand years back to the times when man and nature were one and the same. This is no ordinary wall but the China wall, it must be sentient.

With modern china now beaming with sky light cities like Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai the capital city among others with marvelous and alluring sky scrapers perfectly aligned in the blue, the spectacular Shanghai tower, comely Oriental pearl tower, exquisite International commerce center idealizes my curiosity. The eye catching terraces and parks only afford to drop my jaws. The advanced technology that glares amidst china assumes God’s hand was laid in the roots of China. It is so ineffable.

The Chinese economic prowess cannot be undermined either; the angels of wealth must have fallen in love with this mighty land, having enough of most resources and factors of production. Its trees make the finest furniture and Hong Hai wood walks that talk as I make the beats. Its water harbors not only aquatic creatures but is a home for the largest aquatic research centre, this marvel weakens my knees. The statistics puts the Chinese second to none in labor production. This work force is regarded with wonder across the globe and produces over 70% of imported goods to Uganda. This epiphany is mellifluous and dulcet, unwinding my limerence and sends aquiver through my body.

For a nation that translates to transcendental traditional heritage, transparent beauty, uniqueness, wonders, blooming nature of landscapes and standing waters etc, a country with a humongous population filled with great artistry, belabor, pride for their country, receptive and smiley. This is the nation that has made me standout as I look upon it, taught me to live a life of enrichment. And I hope this affair is finally consummated.


Social injustice is when unjust actions are done in the society. There are lots of injustices in our society but the biggest injustices of all are those rendered to women and girls.


and in most cases condemns them. Girls that get pregnant at schools are expelled in most cases but in all my years, I’m yet to hear of a boy that was expelled because he got a girl pregnant or one that is judged harshly by society because he got a girl pregnant. Girls are ridiculed and find it hard to face people after they get pregnant at tender ages. So why is the girl punished and the boy not, is that not a great injustice. In my opinion it is not the girl alone that was party to the action that got her pregnant, the boy too is party to it. So it is only fair that if a girl is to be sent away from school because she got pregnant then the boy should be sent away too for getting her pregnant. What lesson does society wish to teach if it only punishes the girl for an act committed by two. It is only fair that if a school has among its rules a prohibition of pregnancy by girls then it should prohibit the boys from getting the girls pregnant and punish them both in the same manner because the act that resulted into the pregnancy was carried out by both girl and boy. It is an injustice to have a girl pay for an act and the boy suffer no consequence. And if only the girls are to face consequences for having sex at a young age then I believe the punishment is pointless. They do not have it with themselves and if boys suffer no consequences then there is no way it will stop. Punishment in most cases is given so that we can learn from our mistakes and desist from doing the same in the future. Therefore in that spirit it is only fair that society punishes both the culprits. That the schools start to punish the boys too and the society condemns them both.
Another example of social injustice is how women are treated at their places of employment. Women are harassed regularly by their employers and asked for sexual favors. And in such cases however competent a woman maybe at her work she may still end up losing her job if she does not give in to the sexual advances. And when society gets to find out about the affair, it is the woman that will be blamed for seducing the man. And what makes it sad is that it is mostly the women of society that blame, criticize and condemn fellow women. It is they that condone social injustices against their own the most. Social injustice is also seen where a woman’s potential and competence is questioned in a way that when a woman excels or gets a promotion it is said that she gave out sexual favours to get to that point.
In cases of adultery too, the woman is condemned more than the men. Women try to shame other women for cheating with their husbands and boyfriends. This is mostly done on social media. They guilt friends that get involved with their partners calling them all sorts of names. But is it fair to blame the friend that betrayed you and not blame your partner. If the friend is a slut then the man is a creep and disgusting because whether she seduced him or not it was still his decision to get involved with her. Therefore he too should be blamed and shamed. It is truly a great injustice where an act is done by two parties but only one party is condemned for it. Why does society do this? That is however not the only case of adultery where the woman is looked down on and condemned. A woman is also condemned where she cheats on her husband and in such cases, men usually decide to separate from their wives and yet a man that cheats is excused by society with comments from all over claiming that is what men are. Everyone claiming it is not a matter to write home about and neither is it unheard of so the woman should just let it go and continue to cook for her husband and care for her kids. Apparently adultery by a married woman is inexcusable and that by a man is nothing new so a woman shouldn’t even make a big deal about it.
While most injustices in society are committed against women there are those committed against men. At work places mostly where an employer is male, a woman may be excused for her incompetence and yet a man will be criticized for it and can even be reprimanded by their bosses in the presence of their colleagues.
Boys in rural areas face injustice in a way that if a boy gets a girl pregnant and she has greedy parents, they will have him arrested and demand money from the boy’s family. They usually claim that the money is to cater for the girl’s needs during pregnancy and even demand it like they had given it to the boy’s parents for safe keeping or had earned it. It is not fair that the boys be detained because there is usually consent in these cases. This is especially where they are in the same age bracket. Society commits an injustice where it without condemns male teachers for making advances on the female students. This usually occurs where a student is punished and would like to get back at the teacher that punished her. So she comes up with allegations against him. This also happens at work places where female employees make false allegations of sexual harassment against their superiors or bosses after they have been reprimanded.
Why do you as a person in society or one in a position of power condone social injustice? Be it as a head teacher that lets unfair rules be put in place and enforced, a supervisor that can’t tell the boss that he should respect his employees or a company owner that doesn’t ensure that his or her male employees are not sexually harassing the female employees. An employer that doesn’t ensure that harassment allegations are proved before an employee is dismissed on those grounds. I believe the first thing to be done in helping to fight social injustice is changing our own mindsets and then we could try to change those of others so that we can stop condoning social injustice. We should try and stand with those that are being condemned where we believe an injustice is being committed.



Double standards are rules and principles we apply unfairly and differently to different categories of people. One should not confuse double standards for special treatment.

It is not a strict rule in itself that whenever a person applies rules differently to different sets of people then that person has double standards. Sometimes it is fair to give or show special treatment, an example being where a pregnant woman and a healthy man and woman are waiting in line for a particular service and the person working on them decides to serve the pregnant lady first. In such cases mostly where the lady is heavily pregnant it’s not unfair to serve her first or ahead of others. It is actually kind and humane. However it would be double standards if the person offering the service declines to help or serve a pregnant lady first and cites the first come, first serve rule. Then have this very person work on someone else ahead of others just because he or she knows this person.

We are all guilty of double standards at one moment or another in our lives. We apply different rules to ourselves, people we know and different categories of people. We accuse people for doing things and then try to justify and excuse others and ourselves for the same and sometimes for things that are worse. In most cases double standards begin in our very own homes. If you have an African mother then you can relate, whenever you drop something in the kitchen and it breaks they ask if they should bring more for you to break. In a way this is like saying that you did it on purpose.

But when she drops something and it breaks she won’t ask you to bring more items so she can drop them too. She will say the thing slipped from her hand. Recently I had a conversation with my mum about how unfair they are in such cases and she just smiled and didn’t put up any argument in their favour. Just a few days after the conversation, I was making us a meal and I dropped a sauce pan lid, my mum’s first question was whether we were going to go hungry and she came to the kitchen to check on me. So I start laughing and tell her she proved my point and she said that we make them out to be villains that don’t care which isn’t the case. According to her they usually ask whether to bring more things for us to drop because they determine very fast that we are alright since we give no cry of distress.


Double standards at home are also seen in the way parents treat daughters and sons differently. Girls do more house work which apparently is to prepare them for when they go to their marital homes and they are not let out a lot. While the boys that do almost nothing are let out to go and hang out with their friends plenty of times. Parents are also stricter when it comes to their daughters hanging out with boys because apparently they will lead them astray and I get that this is because they want to protect them. But then it is double standards to want to protect their daughters from boys and then let their boys go lead other people’s daughters astray. Parents have double standards and usually it’s the girls that get the short end of the stick.

People have double standards too in their everyday lives they judge people for actions they have excused themselves for in the past or eventually justify themselves for same actions in the future. You will find someone who cohabited before and even produced children out of wedlock looking down on others doing the same just because she eventually got married. For some reason some people believe its okay for them and not okay for others which is basically them having double standards. In fact you will find such persons advising others not to carry out wifely duties while they are still at the girl friend level.

However sometimes it’s not our fault that we have double standards. We have them as a result of what society dictates. The rules that society feels should be applied to women are not the same they apply to men. These include some of the ways in which society views a man and woman that have multiple sexual partners. While a man will be praised for his prowess, a woman will be insulted for her “looseness”. And I do realize that men and women aren’t built the same way but who made it okay for a man to sleep around and be praised and a woman to do the same and be shamed. In the same way a father is praised for taking care of his children. If he changes their diapers, feeds them and plays with them, he is branded a good or super dad. And yet when a mother does all that and then some, she is told that that is her responsibility so basically she is just being a mum. Society also has double standards when it comes to marital status of people in the community. Is it fair that we make women feel bad and unworthy for not being married like that means she has failed as a woman. Society does its best to make these women feel like they are nothing without men. But no one minds it when a man is unmarried instead they usually find excuses for him saying that he has been disappointed for so long he gave up. Society also has double standards when it comes to career men and women, its like a man can love his job but however a woman will just be trying to use her job to feel the void in her life. Society also looks down at men that cry and are stay at home dads like as if being that or crying or showing emotion makes them less of men and they become “wusses”. This is mostly men that look down at other men and have double standards also in the case of break ups while a girl can cry her eyes out a man isn’t allowed to do that without being judged by his peers or society for being a wuss.
In my point of view we all have double standards but that doesn’t mean we should let ourselves continue down that path. We can try to be fair and apply rules fairly to all people because I’m sure if positions are reversed we would not be happy or content with being the ones that were or are treated unfairly. So we should do to others what we want to be done to us.


Bafeere is a Luganda word used for con artists and scammers. They are currently on the rise, both in numbers and in skill. You never know where or when you might have the misfortune of meeting one because they are currently spread out across the country and come in all shapes.

A number of years back, in about 2009 NTV Uganda had a program called tricksters and a number of us enjoyed it. We were always eager for it and would often find the cons funny and laugh at the gullibility of those that fell prey to the con artists. But apparently, while the majority found it amusing and probably forgot all about it the moment the program ended, there were those that were acquiring skills and attaining an education (weird, right). If you think about it, the funniest thing of all is that we laughed at people on the show for being gullible but in reality, we are more gullible.

There are a number of ways these scammers and con artists operate. But over the years they get smarter and smarter. About five years back before almost everyone was on social media, the scams took place in person or over the phone. Those that took place in person were usually of someone claiming to have picked money and it was usually either a bundle of dollars or a bundle of 1000 Uganda shilling notes. They would tell you that they would like to share it with you but are in a hurry. So there is no time to count how much but if you could give them about fifty thousand Uganda shillings to about three hundred thousand shillings from your own money, they would let you keep the bundle that had been picked. And if you were greedy enough and had the money they asked for you would happily give it to them. Then they would rush away leaving you to count the money. By the time you realized you had been left with a just paper they would be long gone.

Another way of scamming people was on the phone. A person was usually given a call and told that they had won some money and prizes. This was about four years back. For some reason, they preferred the Airtel network (I’m guessing because of the free offers they always have). After letting a person know they had won prizes they would ask you how close you are to a shop and tell you to go get some airtime. But while you were off to the shop you were not to hang up and apparently weren’t to tell people about it either because they would be jealous of you. After getting the airtime you were to call a number, and the person you were calling was to give you instructions on how to get your prizes and this usually involved sending money for them to transport your things to you. Then you wouldn’t hear from them again. Still on the use of phones to scam, there was a lot of them that would call people up and claim that they had sent you their money by mistake but that if you could send it back they would leave you with some. During the call they would send a message notifying you that you had received money. And if you said you weren’t seeing it on your account they would claim it was still in transit and would ask you to send them whatever you had at the time. People were usually smart and didn’t send them money so there were few victims.


However with social media scammers have gotten more creative and smarter. The common ones are those that target unemployed people and kind people. Currently the rate of unemployment is too high that even university graduates are forced to apply for jobs that can be done by one that only has an S4 and S6 certificate. So the scammers open up fake accounts and pretend to be job agencies. They usually post job openings with minimum qualifications being an S4 and S6 certificate and this excites a number of desperate frustrated unemployed youth who spend half their days on social media. There is usually a number to call for more information including details on the jobs. The most commonly posted job opening is that of a receptionist. And usually, their posts include attractive salaries and sometimes even benefits of the job. These posts will have an unemployed person feeling like God has been hearing their prayers all along and has sent an answer. The people that fall prey are usually desperate enough they don’t stop to consider the likelihood of it being a scam since it’s not really heard of for a job that requires one with just S4 papers to have transport and feeding allowance. And they don’t usually become suspicious when asked for a connection fee by the people that they have called. One would feel it’s only fair since they are getting a good job. And to sell the lie these people give you an email address to send your academic papers and CVs. After you send the money they don’t put off their phones immediately, they assure you they are working on you. My guess is that they tell you so not to raise your suspicions and so that they can scam a few more people before they put their phones off.

Those that scam kind-hearted people usually post stories that pull one’s heartstrings. For example, they may post about a family that is made up of only blind people and is struggling so hard. These stories are usually accompanied by photos of said family and a whole story of how they are suffering. I have to applaud this particular lot because they craft really sad stories that have one feeling like they really should do something for the family. And only God knows where they get the photos they use. And they are craftier in a way that they don’t ask for money they just ask for help for the family. They tell you that you can help in any way and that even a bar of soap would go a long way in helping the unfortunate family. As a humanitarian one rushes to give what they can because let’s face it no one is going to consider giving soap. Everyone will consider giving money however little. And the thing with this scam is that unless you read comments and find someone that has provided a link claiming the post or photo is old you may never know that you were scammed. This is because through a number of people will contribute what they can, only a few will send sums that require follow up and getting to know how their money was used. So you are scammed and none the wiser.

I urge you to be careful with the people you deal with, con artists and scammers are getting smarter and more creative every single day. And I can assure you however smart you are, you can still fall prey to them. They come across smart people every day and their scams fail so they are always “updating” them to cater for glitches that can be spotted.

My country fears

The tales of our forefathers still linger, how life used to be sweet and in abundance in their days, how men took responsibility for their own actions, how women traversed in modesty and pride in being women, the youths with charming looks and promising minds always looked up to their elders. Our forefathers now mock and laugh at us, a bitter and sad laugh, that leaves their foreheads terraced with agony and despair stuck on their brows.

What went wrong? Where did we miss a step? They ask themselves but the answers are but deserted despite their wisdom, the one that comes with age and a blessing for living a purposeful life.
Growing up has been to me, a hustle and bustle, but mostly hustle. The current events in my own country offer no solace to the patched up life I have live, and definitely, the light at the end of the tunnel appears dim, about to run out.

Our so called leaders have betrayed us, have lie to us in broad day light, shame us and in the same breath have castigate us. It’s not true that our leaders are foreign. No, they live among us, we share the same oxygen, same roads, access the same media platforms and definitely know the misery of our country only that, they have decided to pay a deaf ear and swear by the evil spirit to do more harm. By the way, that is not enough; they mock God and claim we are on a steady a progress.

Walking along the streets of Kampala yesterday aroused a feeling of hate but one I successfully managed to combat and hide. Hate for whom? My own country and my people.
Ideally, we are Uganda, a young nation aspiring to be great. That means one thing; we need to go one step at a time. It’s a process, just like that common proverb; Rome was not built in one day.

But it is clear that the people we entrusted to lead us at all levels have no idea, and it is clear that they are only after their own selfish interests, take a look at the high crime rate within the city, theft, fraud, murders, kidnaps among many other atrocities, which if you have noticed is caused by our sinking economy and greedy leaders


Look at how street vendors are handled, they are not allowed to sell, and they are not given an alternative, their merchandise confiscated, and heavy fines levied, yet they have mouths to feed like the minister or government officer has. What is left for them (street vendors) now, if making a living in a legal manner has become a crime and yet you pay taxes and in your own country? Definitely joining ‘kifeesi’ will become ideal. It is clear they have no bags of money to start up a decent business, their capital falls below 100,000 shillings.
Our leaders have no empathy in their whole bodies, they act like aliens, they have reprimanded the people and they don’t consult the masses that chose them.

Look at the mobile money tax law, how it was passed without consultation and recently reading from the papers, the economy was hit since the number of people using mobile money was cut, and still the youth who were doing a little hustle were driven out of business. Who shall then address their grievances? Whom will they turn to?

Our leaders should know, if not be told that they are creating a man eat man situation, they should know that we the youth are the trustees with this country. But with how they are being treated, they may live their whole life trying to get even. Much as our leaders seem not bothered by the course of nature, but they are not escaping it, they shall age and the now deprived youth will be at the helm, perhaps then they will understand what the youth have been going through. But we don’t want that to happen.

Sitting in a taxi bound for Seeta Mukono, chance allowed me to sit next an old lady and a conversation ensued about the state of our country and she opined that if only our leaders are not afraid of us, and vice versa, we would be a happy country, she went to explain that the leaders are afraid because they are guilty, guilty of betraying the voters, who sent them into those position. Her words reverberated in my mind for the entire day and I was amazed by how much truth it held therein.
Being a young man in my early twenties, am entitled to a Whatsapp account and being jobless I still pay daily tax of 200 shillings to use it, and being an ardent follower of Professor PLO Lumumba, a friend had sent me his video from which he said and I quote “the problem with Africa is that those with ideas have no power, and those with power have no ideas.” Who would have said it better for my own country? But here is where my affection for my professor multiplied to an orgasm. He went on to say that the irony is that those with ideas are the ones who gave those without ideas the power, they elected them.

Hail thee 2021, the swagger is calling.

With piece, love and harmony.